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Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale Original Soundtrack

Composed by - Yuki Kajiura, yashikin, eba
Performed by - Remi, Sayaka Kanda (from TRUSTRICK)
Release Date - 22 / 02 / 2017
Genre - Soundtrack
Bitrate - 320 Kbps
Origin - Japón (Tokyo, Japan)

Disc 1 
01. In The Digital World
02. A Promise
03. Story Of The Past
04. Augma
05. Back Ground Music No.1
06. Welcome To "Ordinal Scale"
07. Logging In #1
08. Beginning Of The Fight
09. Fight In The OS
10. You Won!
11. Mystery Of OS #1
12. Night Time
13. Logging In #2
14. She Has A Luminous Sword
15. Yuna #1
16. Mystery Of OS #2
17. Starting To Solve The Mystery
18. Yuna #2
19. Logging In #3
20. Her Dream
21. Loss Of Memory
22. To Find Her Memory
23. To Find Her Memory #2
24. His Anger
25. I Have To Regain Her Memory
26. Logging In #4
27. Another Field To Overcome
28. Yuna #3
29. Yuna #4
30. Mystery Of OS #3
31. He Has Something To Hide
32. The Lost Daughter
33. In Her Room
34. I Will Be Close To You
35. I Will Fight To Regain Her Memory
36. Who Are You?
37. It's Just Only A Game
38. He Knows Something    
39. A Short Break
40. Facing Each Other
41. Something Wrong Is Happening
42. Father And Daughter
43. Can We Save Them?
44. We Are Always Together
45. The Place We Should Have Reached
46. For Your Bravery
47. I Will Fight With You!
48. Let's Join Swords
49. He Is Here
50. Shooting Stars

Disc 2
01. Ubiquitous Db
02. Longing
03. Delete
04. Break Beat Bark!
05. Smile For You

SWORD ART ONLINE The Movie -Ordinal Scale-

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