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Advantage Lucy


Advantage Lucy is a Japanese indie pop/neo-acoustic band. They play songs influenced by 60s janglepop, Swedish pop, and pretty much anything else that makes people feel good.

Presently comprising vocalist Aiko and guitarist Yoshiharu Ishizaka, the group was formed in 1995 as a four piece, named Lucy Van Pelt after the Peanuts character of the same name. A fixture on the indies scene, Lucy Van Pelt released several records on the God's Pop Records imprint, growing their fan base countrywide through frequent club gigs, in-store appearances, and other special events.

(1997.09.25) in Harmony

Album in Harmony by advantage Lucy

(1998.09.32) Advantage Lucy

Mini album advantage Lucy by advantage Lucy

(1998.10.07) Citrus e.p

Single Citrus by advantage Lucy

(1998.12.02) Hello mate !

Single Hello mate! by advantage Lucy

(1999.03.17) goodbye

Single Goodbye by advantage Lucy

(1999.5.12) Fanfare

Album Fanfare by advantage Lucy

(1999.09.28) Kaze Niazukete

Single Kaze ni Azukete by advantage Lucy

(2000.03.08) memai

Single Memai by advantage Lucy

(2000.04.25) Anzu no Kisetsu

Mini album Anzu no Kisetsu by advantage Lucy

(2000.4.12) Station

Resultado de imagen para Advantage lucy Station

(2001.03.28) oolt cloud

Mini album oolt cloud by advantage Lucy

(2001.05.30) Have a Good Journey

Resultado de imagen para Advantage lucy Station have a good journey

(2003.06.28) Sunday Pasta

Resultado de imagen para Advantage lucy Station sunday pasta

(2005.06.22) Hello again

Resultado de imagen para Advantage lucy Station hello again

(2005.9.28) Echo Park

Album Echo Park by advantage Lucy

(2008.05.20) Shiroi Asa

Single Shiroi Asa by advantage Lucy

(2008.9.17) 飛び立った7頭の蝶たち ~ Sept papillons ont pris leur envol ~

Album Tobitatta 7tou no Choutachi ~Sept papillons ont pris leur envol~ by advantage Lucy

(2009.11.26) Kaze No Koe

01. Kaze No Koe