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Cibo matto

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New York City-based band formed by two Japanese women, Yuka Honda and Miho Hatori, in 1994. The group disbanded in 2001 and reunited in 2011 for benefit concerts, releasing a third full length album, Hotel Valentine, in 2014.

The sound of the band is based on the use of all kinds of technical resources, especially samplings by other artists, and eclecticism. Many of his songs are versions of classical music-hall or jazz songs, performed in ways that make them almost unrecognizable. The band has also been linked to the so-called Noise pop. The letters of Cibo Matto are characterized by often using different types of food as a metaphor.

Viva! La Woman (1996)

Stereo ★ Type A (1999)

Hotel Valentine (2014)

Cibo Matto (1995)

Super Relax (1997)

Pom Pom: The Essential Cibo Matto (2007)