Shi No Kakaku


Cokiyu is Yukiko Ito, she was born in Ehime, Japan in 1978.
From her student time till now, she creates the tape works using Max/MSP, the works for voice and woodwind instruments, and percussion instruments.
In 2002, she started to do live performances in Tokyo.

She had received big influence from Masami Akita's performance at OFF-ICMC in Berlin, and started to do live performances. Now she's expanding the width of activity like to collaborate with the theaters, dances and other artists.

She started to do live performances since 2002, and presented her works to the public using the website. Since 2006, she has participated in some compilation albums and also has worked as the vocalist of aus. In 2007 she became the member of Shugo Tokumaru & The Magic Band as the toy pianist.

2011 - cokiyu and you

2011 - Mirror Flake

Mirror Flake

2011 - Your Thorn

Your Thorn

2011 - Your Thorn Remixes

Your Thorn Remixes

2013 - Haku


2014 - Siren in Tears

2016 - Sidhe