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Cymbals was a Japanese rock band active from 1997-2003, the trio was composed of vocalist Asako Toki, Reiji Okii, and Hiroyasu Yano, Like other Japanese bands which emerged in the late 1990s, Cymbals were strongly influenced by the British pop-rock sounds of the 1960s.

Despite solid songwriting and album production, they never scored a true "hit", which eventually resulted in the band's breakup in September 2003. They played a final 90-minute farewell concert at Shibuya O-East on January 20, 2004. The group's members remain musically active – Toki as a solo artist, Okii as a producer (for Toki and others), and Yano as a session drummer and producer.

(1998.5.25) NEAT, OR CYMBAL!

(1998.12.15) Missile and Chocolate

(1999.08.25) [rally]single

(2000.1.21) That`s entertainment

(2000.9.21) Mr.noone special

(2001.3.23) Respects

(2001.08.22) Higher than the sun

(2001.11.21) Well-done (Cymbals Remix Album)

(2002.06.05) Wingspan Single

(2002.7.3) Sine

(2003.05.21) Love you

(2003.9.3) Requests!