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Flipper's Guitar

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Flipper's Guitar were a Tokyo-based rock band led by (and later a duo of) Keigo Oyamada and Kenji Ozawa, The band were influenced by the chirpy sound of British 80s pop and post-punk groups as well as the fashionably eclectic sounds of early 90s Britain, from alternative dance to acid jazz.

The group were an important part of the Tokyo Shibuya-kei scene in the late 1980s to early 1990s, and Oyamada went on to produce work for Pizzicato Five and his close friend Kahimi Karie.

1989 - Three Cheers for Our Side

1990 - Camera Talk

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1990 - Fab Gear CD

02. Flipper's Guitar - Love And Dreams Are Back
10. Flipper's Guitar - Cloudy (Is My Sunny Mood)

1991 - Bossa nova shibuya scene

02 Flipper's Guitar - 恋とマシンガン

1991 - Colour Me Pop

1991 - Doctor Head's World Tower

1992 - On Pleasure Bent

1992 - Singles

2003 - Pastel Music - Tribute To Flipper's Guitar - Friends Again

2008 - Detroit Metal City Vs. Shibuya City CD (BOUNDEE, 2008)