Shi No Kakaku


Lamp are an indie pop, jazz, and alternative trio from Japan, formed by Taiyou Someya, Yusuke Nagai and Kaori Sakakibara in 2000, they are heavily influenced by 60s American music, ethereal tunes, and bossa nova.

They debuted in 2003 with the release of a six-track EP, “Soyokaze Apartment 201” (そよ風アパートメント201). All of their albums are released under MONTE BLEU, an indies label.

Her Watch 2018 / 彼女の時計

2000 - Lamp early home demo tracks 雨に花 (Rain and flowers​)​

2003 - そよ風アパートメント201


2004 - 恋人へ


2005 - 木洩陽通りにて

Large artwork

2007 - 残光

Large artwork

2008 - ランプ幻想

Large artwork

2010 - 八月の詩情

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2011 - 東京ユウトピア通信

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2014 - ゆめ