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Lullatone is a popular music group based in Nagoya, whose music is characterized by an innocent, child-like quality and sparse, lo-fi sounds.
The group refers to their style of music as "pajama-pop", it is commonly included in such musical subgenres as Twee pop, Indie pop and Electronica.

It draws influence from such diverse sources as Bossa Nova, French pop music of the 1960s, children's songs and Musique concrète.

Lullatone's founder was Shawn James Seymour, a native of Louisville, Kentucky. Its other principle member is Japanese native Yoshimi Tomida (Tomida Yoshimi, in traditional Japanese name order). Seymour began musical experimentation during his high school years in the late-1990s, using keyboards and cassette tape recorders.

1981 - Songs for clients

2001 - Hello Kitty Secret House Soundtrack

2001 - Rare Tracks

2003 - Child's View

Woods / Raindrops Falling On My Xylophone

2003 - Computer Recital

2003 - Music for Apartments EP

Music For Apartments

2003 - My Petit Melodies

2004 - Little Songs About Raindrops

2005 - Hello Kitty Black Wonder Soundtrack

2006 - Plays Pajama Pop Pour Vous

2008 - The Bedtime Beat

2009 - Lullatone Melody Design Library

2009 - Songs that Spin in Circles

Songs That Spin In Circles

2009 - We Will Rock You... to Sleep

2010 - Looping Lullabies

Looping Lullabies

2010 - My portable Melody

2011 - Alarms & Ringers

Alarms & Ringers

2011 - Elevator Music

2011 - Soundtracks For Everyday Adventures

2013 - Falling for Autumn EP

2013 - Summer Songs EP

2014 - While Winter Whispers

2015 - The Sounds Of Spring

2016 - Thinking About Thursdays

2019 - Music for museum gift shop