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Swinging Popsicle

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Swinging Popsicle is a three-member indie pop/rock band from Tokyo, Japan.
In 1995, Fujishima Mineko and Shimada Osamu met each other through a newspaper advert looking to start a band.

The following year, they recorded and were able to participate on a Pony Canyon compilation album. They released their first indie album in 1997 and rose to #2 on the HMV Shibuya charts.
Swinging Popsicle continues to release singles, albums, and mini-albums.
They distribute some of their music through, an online music distributor of Japanese indie rock bands.

[1997.03.10] Sunny Silent Park E.P.

sunny silent park e.p.

[1997.07.21] Joy of Living

Joy of Living

[1998.01.21] I Love Your Smile

I Love Your Smile

[1998.06.24] Swinging Popsicle

Swinging Popsicle

[1998.10.31] Heaven


[2000.01.26] Fennec!


[2001.03.14] Change E.P.

Change e.p

[2002.06.21] Rakuen Shugi Swinging Eden

楽園主義 swinging of eden

[2004.03.17] transit


[2005.04.25] Orange, Change, Wild Sweet

Resultado de imagen para (2005.04.25) Orange, Change, Wild Sweet

(2006.03.21) V.A CRACKER - compilation for a bittersweet love story

Resultado de imagen para (2006.03.21) V.A. - CRACKER - compilation for a bittersweet love story

[2007.05.30] Go On

Go on

[2009.09.02] Loud Cut


[2015.12.10] - Flow 

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