Shi No Kakaku


B-Flower are a Japanese indie pop band formed in Kyoto, Japan, in the late 1980s. The band would be put under such banners as Neo-Acoustic in Japan, which refers to the sound heavily influenced by the British independent music scene of the 1980s, most notably alternative rock.

1991 - ペニーアーケードの年 (In The Penny Arcade) CD

ペニーアーケードの年 (In The Penny Arcade)

1992  - ムクドリの眼をした少年] CD

ムクドリの眼をした少年 (A Boy With Gray Starling Eyes)

1992 - VA - The Birth of The True CD

1993 - Stay Still - Last Snow of Winter EP

Stay Still / Last Snow Of Winter

1993 - World's End Laundry CD

World's End Laundry

1994 - Clover Chronicles I Comp CD

Clover Chronicles I

1994 - Strings EP

Strings / Country Robinson

2015 - You Are The One For Me EP

you are the one for me

2017 - Japanese Daydream