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Hazel nuts chocolate

Hazel Nuts Chocolate

Illustration books like "Colorful and Fantastic" influenced Hazel Nuts Chocolate, formed in 2000 was a project created by YUPPA, they act with an original vision of the world and collaborate with many artists according to their requirements.
YUPPA, cute girl and main member of the group, takes care of composition, lyrics, vocals, programming, concept design, and artwork, etc.

The first album "Bewitched!" was released in 2004 composed by WANTA, YUPPA & KOJI ITO, and the second album "cute" in 2005 was released by just YUPPA and Hayashibe Tomonori (from Plus-Tech Squeeze box) for a part of the programming.

HNC (2009) is officialy the current name of Hazel Nuts Chocolate (2000-2009) since her album CULT (02 dec. 2009 - WHITE LILY RECORDS) but the name HNC was visible in her myspace since a while. This idea starts with the desire to haves a new name to assert her wishes to be really considerate like a solo project. Hazel Nuts Chocolate was created by YUPPA but completed by other, and HNC started with only YUPPA. HNC can be considerate like the chapter 2 of the story : "YUPPA's real solo".

2004 - Bewitched!

Hazel Nuts Chocolate - BEWITCHED!

2005 - Cute

Hazel Nuts Chocolate - CUTE

2006 -  Live

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2009 - Cult
2009 - Cult (demo)

2009 - Robert Kubica EP

HNC - Robert Kubica EP

2010 - GU-GLI GU-GLI - Single

Resultado de imagen para hnc 2010 gu-gli-gu