Shi No Kakaku

Instant Cytron

instant cytron

The music which two persons, Goro and Tomoko, make is the best dreamy pop backed by a clear aesthetic sense.
They make musics which have pop melodies having Japanese feelings... should not explain.
Even in Japan they melodies are very special, nostalgic, romantic, happy and warmly.

He was influenced by many American or British singer song writers, for example Brian Wilson, Joey Spampinato(nrbq), Paddy McAloon(Prefab Sprout), besides 80's fake jazz, Fred Astaire, Les Paul, and more.

Tomoko, the member of Instant Cytron, says Goro makes his musics using major chords like Paul MaCartney, that's his own thing. Surely it's easy to make people move using mainly minor chords as a ballad than major ones. Goro is still holding a kids heart.

On the one hand, Tomoko, she is known well as a "Mondo Girl". Because her knowledge about music is deep and she has more than 10000 records. It goes across the various genre and covers the United States, Europe, Brazil, Japan, and the other country of the world. Moreover, she loves strange and cute musics very much, for example Jean-Jaques Perrey, Roger Roger, Moondog, cartoon musics for children, etc... And her Inclination is reflected in the music nature of instant cytron.

Tomoko is sung in whisper voice. But seemingly, she "puts and is going to sing the soul". Although it will be a fact, it thinks it sure that her singing is "Whisper" since listeners are reached gently.
The guitar which Goro plays has a jazzy tension abundantly, and his originality is full also of simple inside everywhere. Cutting of an acoustic guitar good at him is keeping the performance at the high position in order to express the most beautiful sound in a code.

1993 - Baby, You're Love

1994 - Cytron's Fancy Manifesto

1995 - Change this world

1996 - Summertime In The Place

1997 - Cheerful monsters

2000 - Little gang of the universe

2001 - Una Marcia

2002 - Utrecht & Maestro

2004 - Una Marcia