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Polaris is a Japanese band consisting of ex-LaB LIFe vocalist Ohya Yusuke and ex-Fishmans bassist Kashiwabara Yuzuru, The massive groove by the strong rhythm section and the clear vocal create the great chemistry in the band, The lyrics sing about the daily life’s emotions and that makes them very unique.

They made a debut in 2001 and ranked 5th in international CD stores. Fans came all the way from other asian countries to their event in Tokyo and Osaka, purchasing tickets online.

2001 - Live at salon

Single Live at SALON/ by marbletron by Polaris

2001 - Polaris

Single ポラリス (Polaris) by Polaris

2002 - Home

Album Home by Polaris

2002 - Tide

Mini album Tide by Polaris

2003 - Family

Album Family by Polaris

2004 - Cosmos

Single Cosmos by Polaris

2005 - Union

Album Union by Polaris

2006 - Kuukan

Mini album Kukan (空間) by Polaris

2006 - Tone

Album Neiro (音色) by Polaris

2006 - 音色 (Neiro)

Album Neiro (音色) by Polaris

2012 - Hikaru Oto

Single Hikaru Oto by Polaris

2013 - Shikisai

Mini album 色彩 (Color) by Polaris

2015 - Music

2017 - Hashiru