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Strawberry Machine is the solo vehicle of whispery-voiced Akira Okabe, based in Nagoya, Japan. Okabe sings on top of electronic music generated primarily with synthesizers, also utilizing sound effects from video games and other electro sources.
Starting electric piano lessons from age five, Okada developed a deep love for music, and soon started composing her own songs - partly driven by the fact that her teacher made her practice jazz, which was difficult to master.

In high school, Okabe listened to the music of Chara, Kahimi Karie, The Bridge (Hideki Kaji's first group), Cornelius, Kenji Ozawa, and other artists associated with the Shibuya-kei movement. Okabe took her first steps as an artist when she auditioned as backup singer for a band being organized by Masahiro Nomura, future head of abcdefg* records. Okabe ended up getting the lead vocal slot, originally planned for a male vocalist, and the band soon started recording. Okabe and Nomura found they had similar musical tastes, and the two eventually formed the core of the first Strawberry Machine activities.

Strawberry Machine participated in the first compilation release from abcdefg* records, and has since been included on releases in both Japan and abroad. Strawberry Machine has also released several full-length records of their own, and continue to be active. Akira released her first demo in 1997.
2004 - Crazy kilt

Large artwork

2004 - Zero Zero Five

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2008 - Girl Friend

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