Shi No Kakaku

The Nelories

The Nelories were an independent Japanese alternative pop duo, active in the 1990s, the band consisted of Jun Kurihara on accordion and Kazmi Kubo on guitars.

Their recordings were only released in Japan and England, with the exception of one EP released through John Flansburgh and Marjorie Galen's subscription-based Hello CD of the Month Club.

The Nelories formed while Kurihara and Kubo were in high school. Around this time, Kurihara also befriended Akiko of Sugarfrost Records, which would be responsible for releasing Nelories material in England.
Kurihara and Kubo would sometimes refer to themselves as Jun and Kazmi "de Nelorie" ("of the Nelories"), in the spirit of the fraternal ties between the Ramones. Their first album, Mellow Yellow Fellow Nelories, was released while the duo was in college, and received praise in Japan.

Kurihara wrote all her lyrics in English, despite the fact that it was not her first language.
Both Kurihara and Kubo have continued their careers in music following the Nelories' disband. Kurihara was also involved with a band called The Music Lovers in the mid-2000s.

1991 - Plasticky EP


1992 - Banana EP

1992 - Mellow Yellow Fellow Nelories CD

Mellow Yellow Fellow Nelories

1993 - Banana 7EP


1993 - Daisy LP


1993 - Indie Pop Car Baby EP

Indie Pop Car Baby

1993 - The Nelories

The Nelories

1994 - Eyes And Shoes

Eyes And Shoes / Fireblade Sky

1994 - Eyes and Shoes EP

Eyes And Shoes / Fireblade Sky

1994 - Popstars


1994 - starboogie


1995 - an ordinary miracle

An Ordinary Miracle