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Thee Michelle Gun Elephant

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THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT was a garage rock band formed in Tokyo, Japan, Its music is known for the loud guitars of Abe Futoshi and lead singer Chiba Yusuke's loud, gravelly yet melodious vocals.

Other members of the band include Kuhara Kazuyuki (drums) and Ueno Koji (bass). The band was formed in 1991, while the band members were students at Tokyo's Meiji Gakuin University. Their name came from a combination of the name of Billy Childish's offbeat band Thee Headcoats and a former bassist's mispronunciation of the name of The Damned's album, Machine Gun Etiquette.

Chiba Yusuke (チバユウスケ) – Vocal, guitar
Abe Futoshi (アベフトシ) – Guitar
Ueno Koji (ウエノコウジ) – Bass
Kuhara Kazuyuki (クハラカズユキ) – Drums

1993 - Maximum! Maximum!! Maximum!!!

Maximum! Maximum!! Maximum!!!

1996 - Cult grass stars

Cult Grass Stars

1996 - High Time

High Time

1997 - Chicken Zombies

Chicken Zombies

1998 - Gears Blues

Gear Blues

1999 - Rumble


2000 - Casanova Said Live or Die

Casanova Said "Live Or Die" - Live In Tokyo

2000 - Casanova Snake

Casanova Snake

2000 - Collection


2000 - TMGE 106


2001 - Grateful triad years

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2002 - Grateful triad years 1998-2002

Grateful Triad Years 1995-2002

2002 - Rodeo Tandem Beat Specter

Rodeo Tandem Beat Specter

2003 - Electric circus

Electric Circus


Last Heaven's Bootleg

2003 - Sabrina heaven

Sabrina Heaven

2003 - Sabrina No Heaven

Sabrina no Heaven


Thee Greatest Hits

2013 - Burning Motors Go Last Heaven II

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