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Venus Peter

venus peter '06
Venus Peter are a Britpop-influenced Japanese rock band that formed in 1990 In 1994, after only four years of activity, the group disbande,Venus Peter have not released any other new material, and today only remain active as a band through occasional live shows.

The band released its first album, LOVEMARINE in 1991 and released two more albums until their breakup in 1994. Ten years later, in 2004, Okino reunited the previous members of the band. While they have produced new material since they reunited, Venus Peter focuses primarily on live shows. Additionally, each member also participates in other musical projects, including a number of bands (DAFFODIL-19, PELTONE, ROCKET K) and a record label, K.O.G.A. Records.

1991 - Lovemarine CD


1991 - Venus Peter & Love Parade - Split Flexi

All God's Children / New World

1992 - Space Driver CD

Space Driver

1992 - Star Parade EP

Star Parade

1993 - Big Sad Table CD

Big "Sad" Table

1993 - Shotgun Blues EP

Shotgun Blues

2006 - Crystalized


2006 - Deluxe Edition (The Best of V.P.)

2014 - Nowhere EP

Nowhere EP