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advantage Lucy ft. Vasallo Crab 75 - Kaze no Koe [2009-11-26] (CD - FLAC - Lossless)

Kaze no Koe - Munekyun Special CD (2009.11.26)
This is a rip of an unique CD of a collaboration work between advantage Lucy and Vasallo Crab 75.

This single was given to the attendees of the Munekyun Arpeggio Live 2009.11.26, which is a live show that the both bands created in the memory guitarist Fukumura Takayuki.

Fukumura-san was a founding member of advantage Lucy and years later left to join Vasallo Crab 75.
This song "Kaze no Koe" was an unreleased song created by Fukumura-san, so looking for a way to homage him, both bands decided to join efforts and release the song for 2009's Munekyun live.
Original release was a CD-R with signatures from both advantage Lucy and Vasallo Crab 75 members in an evelope, and included a little yellow sheet with the lyrics.