Shi No Kakaku

EeL ‎– EeL Mix ​(​2011 Special Edition)

Label/Cat#:Not On Label (Eel Self-released)
Country: Japan
Year: 19 Aug 2011
Genre: Electronic, Pop
Style: Techno, House, Breakbeat, J-pop
Format: 12 × File, ALAC, FLAC, MP3, ogg-vorbis, Album, Reissue, V0, 320 kbps

1. Homme Sympathique [Charmant]! (House Mix By Ise) (05:45)
2. Il Pleut (Doun Town Mix By Sandou) (02:36)
3. Je Ne Peux Pas Inviter Carrie Demain- (Deep House Mix By Okugawa) (05:26)
4. Homme Sympathique [Charmant]! (Bossamba Mix By Okugawa) (06:23)
5. Je Ne Peux Pas Inviter Carrie Demain- (2step Mix By Bounce) (04:32)
6. 子供 (Phaser Toys Mix By Sandou) (02:44)
7. ダメな私 (1234,Christmas Mix By Eel) (02:12)
8. Homme Sympathique [Charmant]! (Phase6 Mix By Tatsuji 'Unchant' Nakagawa) (05:35)
9. A Chave (Experimental Hip Hop Mix By Milky-chu) (03:50)
10. A Chave (Filter House Mix By Sandou) (04:42)
11. Traveling (Original Track By Hikaru Utada) (04:55)
12. Little Prince (Bum Bum Mix By Milch Of Source) (02:48)

Total length: 51:28

More information

2000年にCD-Rのみでリリースされ、長らく廃盤で手に入れることができなかったEeLのリミックスアルバム「EeL MIX」全10曲に今回2曲のボーナストラックを追加してフリーでリリース!

In 2000, it was released only in the CD-R, released in free and long adding a bonus track of the two songs this time to remix album "EeL MIX" all 10 songs of EeL who could not get in the Out of print!

2 Bonus Tracks
11 traveling (original track by Hikaru Utada) / track by hidenobu ito
12 Little Prince / bum bum mix by milch of source

Track 2 samples Downtown by Petula Clark.