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Zenigeva - Few albums (mp3)


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Zeni Geva is a Japanese noise rock band featuring singer and guitarist KK. Null and drummer Tatsuya Yoshida.
 Formed in Tokyo in 1987, the group's name translates roughly as "money violence" ("Zeni" is an old Japanese term for money, and "Geva" comes from the German "Gewalt," meaning "violence").

Zeni Geva's music can be diverse and experimental, incorporating elements ranging from death metal and hardcore punk to math rock, psychedelic, and noise rock.
 Their music is often technically unorthodox and demanding, and has earned progressive rock comparisons: critic Patrick Kennedy describes their 1993 album Desire for Agony as resembling Motörhead meets King Crimson.

 Zeni Geva – 10,000 Light Years [2001]


Zeni Geva – Nai-Ha EP [1993]


Zeni Geva – Trance Europe Experience [1995]


Zeni Geva – Freedom Bondage [1995]


Zeni Geva – Desire For Agony [1993]

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Zeni Geva – Total Castration [1991]

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Zeni Geva – Maximum Money Monster [1990]

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