Shi No Kakaku

Gille' Loves – 真紅のデカダンス

Released in 1993. A PV collection of GILLE LOVES, a band led by Lucifer Lasses Viorne, a beautifully dressed man who sings aesthetic and decadent romance, colored by blood and roses. The video itself was made in 1989 and 1990, and she seems to have done all of the shooting, modeling, editing and image processing alone. Although there are many noises and image disturbances, it is a note that it is intentional. As with all her video works, this work feels more like a grainy and crisp image than other works, playing a fairly degraded old tape. I lost my way into the old Western-style building, found a dusty tape there, and when I played it back, I saw a terrible picture… it felt like I was doing something unrealistic. It's pretty scary to see the room dark. It's like getting lost in a nightmare. Three of the five songs are from the album "Rosy Vampire".
"Rose Kingdom" is the 1st demo tape. Currently, this song can be heard in "Requiem collections for burying delusions". A white ankle that is wrapped in chains and oozes blood. A needle-like object is stuck in Lucifer's chest, which is tied and struggling. In front of a mirror surrounded by roses, Lucifer sees himself and kisses herself many times. Quite perverted and sensual. I saw something that I shouldn't see ... like that. "Blood and Roses" is a lesbian song of a female vampire and a girl. Lucifer is buried halfway in the soil, covered with roses and leaves. "BURNING WORLD Overture of Collapse" is different from the original song in that a story is used instead of a song. It is close to the song "The Angel Who Kills All or The Rose That Kills Humans" on "The Sick Rose or the Healing Wound", but this one has less talk. "Dream, after a dream" is instrumental. "Crimson Decadence" is afraid of Lucifer's distorted smile.

Gille' Loves
Gothic Romance Invitation – Gothic Romance Invitation 004
21 Jan 1998
Electronic, Rock
Goth Rock



1. 薔薇の王国
2. 血と薔薇
3. Burning World
4. 夢、夢のあと
5. 真紅のデカダンス