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INSHOW-HA - 印象派は君に問いかける

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CategoryRelease information
Label/Cat#:Space Shower Music – PECF-3189, Higebossa, Darkside Of The Volcanic Girls
Year:04 Oct 2017
Genre:Rock, Pop
Style:Indie Rock, J-pop, Pop Rock, Alternative Rock, Indie Pop


For the first time in two years, the Impressionist's first full album will be the most chaotic after the war, as the title suggests, in 2017, but despite all the blandest singing In this era, when they are known, "message" albums, in which girls who are good at touring and curving ask quite straightforwardly.

A total of 10 songs that embody miu's finest melody senses and universal themes that are related to human relations, society, politics, and outlook on life. The sense of nonsense up to the previous work and the genreless musicality are further upgraded, with the title impact that was delivered earlier as "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Moiccho KISS !!" being the lead track of this work, It's a `` lemon '' that vomits opinions that are too fluffy to modern consumers, but it's too spicy, TYPHOON !, which mixes unpredictable recent disasters and politics that have become a comedy, pre-sale only at the venue "Take me" and "Secrets", a masterpiece song "Spherical" that everyone wants to look back on their youth, Takashi Matsumoto / Karuho Kureta (Yumi Matsutoya) 's hit song "W" tragedy All 10 songs such as the cover of "Yori" which is too cool! This is the birth of the 2017 Daimyo board that makes you want to endlessly repeat!

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Track numberTitle
1. 檸檬[le:mon]
3. Kiss!Kiss!Kiss!もいっちょKISS!!
4. 秘密
5. 印象派は君に問いかける
6. 連れてって[Ver.1.5]
7. 球状
8. 僕らは永遠じゃない
9. Woman“Wの悲劇”より
10. 夢であった猫


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