Shi No Kakaku

Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs ‎– No New World

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CategoryRelease information
Label/Cat#:Flake Sounds – FLAKES-192
Year:04 Jul 2018
Genre:Rock, Pop
Style:Alternative Rock, Post Rock


MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGS gives rise to a rock-like masterpiece only they could create: unfaded destructive force, in addition to explosive force that has an emotional but pop-like side, with an even greater blooming sense of melody that sounds balanced.

This is a robust album, overflowing with persuasive power that treats the changes, transformations, and flow of the music scene over the past 8 years as if they were nothing.

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Track numberTitle
1. New Order
2. あさひなぐ
3. だったらいいのにな
4. Yah Yah Yah
5. No New World
6. HuHuHu
7. Sugar
8. スローモーションリプレイ


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