Shi No Kakaku

Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs ‎– ワールドイズユアーズ

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CategoryRelease information
Label/Cat#:Avocado Records – XQEH-1004
Year:21 Jan 2009
Style:Indie Rock


The second work with Kentaro Nakao as a co-producer, due to the collaboration with SLOTH LOVE CHUNKS.

The dynamism of the band performance, in which a strong rhythm corps and a sharp guitar are intertwined, while Miyamoto's vocals and words with increased expression express the delicate subtleties of emotion and succeeded in raising the pop level of the song. ing. * Kaneko

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Track numberTitle
1. このスピードの先へ
2. 青い、濃い、橙色の日
3. かくいうもの
4. She Is Inside, He Is Outside
5. なんなん
6. ワールドイズユアーズ


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