Shi No Kakaku

THE NOVEMBERS ‎– Hallelujah (ハレルヤ)

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CategoryRelease information
Label/Cat#:Magniph Records – HSE-8000, Hostess Entertainment Unlimited – HSE-8000
Year:21 Sep 2016
Genre:Rock, Pop
Style:Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, J-pop


As the first album release from MAGNIPH / Hostess, we will release the sixth album of THE NOVEMBERS, which celebrated the 11th anniversary of 2016 and also announced the Studio Coast performance on November 11, with self-produced by the band.

Produced and finished with a complete representation of the band's worldview.

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Track numberTitle
1. Hallelujah
2. 黒い虹 (Black Rainbow)
3. 1000年 (1000 Years)
4. 美しい火 (Beautiful Fire)
5. 愛はなけなし (What Little Love)
6. 風 (Wind)
7. 時間さえも年老いて (Even Time Ages)
8. !!!!!!!!!!!
9. ただ遠くへ (Just Going Far)
10. あなたを愛したい (I Want To Love You)
11. いこうよ (IKOUYO)