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The Novembers – Paraphilia

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Label/Cat#:DAIZAWA RECORDS – UKDZ-0076, UK.Project – UKDZ-0076


All 6 songs wrapped in the new axis of THE NOVEMBERS, "Silent silence".

The long-awaited mini album was completed 9 months after the previous work.
Until now, THE NOVEMBERS tended to have a close-up of their aggressiveness and dull image, but the focus of this work is the beauty and the things they always have as THE NOVEMBERS. A sense of liberation of sound. "

This time, we recorded 6 songs newly created for this mini album. The overall image of the work was clarified, with a focus on having intentional tranquility rather than the feeling of initial impulse up to the previous work. It is important that "paraphilia" was produced after M-10 "picnic" recorded in the previous work "picnic". In "picnic", there was no doubt that he always sang "here" where he could stand on his feet, implying the beginning. In response to this, the recognition and depiction of "outside" such as "Where to go" in the M-6 "mer" became noticeable. It can be said that the feature of this work is not only the sound but also the openness of self-consciousness.
Recording method is one shot as before. In this work, in order to pursue further expression, we adopted overdubbing of the guitar, which we have never dared to do, to obtain a world of expressive ensembles.
The theme of the sound source is dreamy or daydream. It is the guitar, acoustic guitar, and song that express it most. The theme is clearly shown in M-1 "philia", M-3 "keep me keep me keep me", M-6 "mer". The M-4 "chil" and M-5 "para" are more open to the public with their characteristic blueness and purity. M-2 "dnim" is an important element for this album, and if what you wanted to express in this work is white drawing paper, "dnim" is like a black ink dropped on it. The presence of a single black makes the white clearer. And the innocent world view of this album itself became clear.
Around this tour, we will have a one-man live at Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO.

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Track numberTitle
1. Philia
2. Dnim
3. Keep Me Keep Me Keep Me
4. Chil
5. Para
6. Mer