Shi No Kakaku

THE NOVEMBERS – To (Melt Into)

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CategoryRelease information
Label/Cat#:Daizawa Records – UKDZ-0115, UK Project – UKDZ-0115
Year:03 Aug 2011
Genre:Rock, Pop
Style:Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, J-pop


THE NOVEMBERS, the long-awaited new work for the first time in 1 year and 5 months, 3rd full album "To (melt into)", 1st single "(Two) in to holy", 2 sheets simultaneously released.

The "To (melt into)" that dreams and tomorrow in reality is deep and deep, and the "(Two) in to holy" about two people who wake up from only two dreams is calm and dazzling. A curiosity, a more liberating, more aggressive pursuit of beauty, a profound sound world view. A lyric expression that has a clearer target and has become more direct to speak to it. Two works of two people and the will addressed to all others.

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Track numberTitle
1. 永遠の複製
2. 彼岸で散る青
3. 瓦礫の上で
4. はじまりの教会
5. 37.2°
6. ニールの灰に
7. 日々の剥製
8. 終わらない境界
9. Holy