Shi No Kakaku


„ÉĖ„É™„ÉÉ„āł(bridge) is a Japanese neo acoustic band conformed by Mami Otomi (Vo), Ikeumi Mayumi (Key), Kuro Kohji (B), Hiroki Shimizu (G), Kurosawa Hiroko (Dr), Nobuyuki Ohashi (G), BRIDGE formed on the people who gathered in the band of lollipop sonic.

Formed in 1989. Dissolved in 1995. It was one of the artists representing the "Trattoria" label presided over by Keigo Oyamada (Oyamada who also produced the first album). As a musical style it is classified as so-called neo aco.

The instrument version of "Radio au go-go" (included in Best Of Trattoria Years) was used as BGM in Fuji TV "Ponki Kids" corner "Bomb Chu Problem". Also the lyric composition of the song "Bubble Bus Girl" of the same program is handled by Kuji Kaji, later covered by Mayumi Ikeumi (name of Three Berry Icecream) at the Konami · Arcade game "Pop'n Music 12 Iroha".

In February 2017 we played a surprise formation at the event at CLUB Que Shimokitazawa, and in April 2017 we reunited with Kazi Hideki for the first time in 22 years.
Following the lively response of this live performance, in response to the fact that the ticket was spot sale, at the "PEANUTS CAMP" in July 2017, we performed an additional performance "This really is the last".

1993 - Bridge & Would-Be-Goods - A Meeting on the Disc EP

A Meeting On The Disc


Paper Bikini Ya-Ya

1993 - Poupée de cire, Poupée de son

Poup√É©e De Cire, Poup√É©e De Son

1993 - Spring Hill Fair CD

Spring Hill Fair


Windy Afternoon

1994 - Pool Side Music


Preppy Kicks

1994 - Salt water taffee

Salt Water Taffee

1995 - Beat Of Trattoria Years

The Best Of Trattoria Years

1997 - EPLP CD