Shi No Kakaku

Melting Holidays

Melting Holidays

Melting Holidays (メルティング・ホリデイズ) is an indie band with a retro-French pop style to their music, much like some of capsule's works, but without the synth and futuristic sound. The band formed in May 2001.

The lead singer Sasaki Shiho has a very breathy, whispery voice that is so often heard in retro-pop indie music.
Although they have been focusing more on producing other artists and participating on compilation albums, a fourth album is scheduled to be in the works.

2002 - Cherry Wine

Cherry Wine

2003  - Seven favorites

Seven Favorites

2005 - Pop Go The Happy Tune

Pop Go The Happy Tune

2005 - Seven favorites

Seven Favorites

Kosney at home - easy living with style

Kosney At Home/ Easy Living With Style

The soundtrack for virtual architecture

VA - Sucre sweet tracks (sucre records)

VA - Bluebadge Guitar Pop Crazy!  Vol. 3 CD (Bluebadge, 2005)

Resultado de imagen para VA - Bluebadge Guitar Pop Crazy!  Vol. 3 CD (Bluebadge, 2005)

VA - TKO Compilation Vol. 2 - Boys (& Girls) Wonder CD (TKO new music corp., 2007)