Shi No Kakaku

Super Junky Monkey


Super Junky Monkey is a Japanese all-female experimental metal band, They played as a four-piece during the 1990s, until the tragic suicide of their singer, Mutsumi Fukuhara, in 1999, music is inspired by Steve Vai, the early Red Hot Chili Peppers and Mr. Bungle among others.

They disbanded until 2009 when a reunion to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Mutsumi's death brought the three surviving members back together for good.
They are currently touring Japan.

1994 - Cabbage


1995 - Screw Up

Screw Up

1995 - A•I•E•T•O•H


1996 - Super Junky Alien

Super Junky Alien

1996 - Parasitic People

Parasitic People

2001 - Songs Are Our Universe

Songs Are Our Universe

2001 - E-KISS-O