Shi No Kakaku

Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs ‎– Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs

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CategoryRelease information
Label/Cat#:Avocado Records – ACRE-0001
Year:16 Jan 2008
Style:Indie Rock


Contains 2 songs recorded at Thalbox Road Studios in NY. In this work, which encloses the violent roaring sound of the eardrum in a single shot, they suddenly become the focus of attention in the new-generation alternative band. Among them, “Skabetty” has a sentimental difference.

There were few MCs at that time, and the aggressive play with disturbed hair was also talked about.

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Track numberTitle
1. Delusionalism
2. ハイライト
3. Skabetty
4. エンドロール
5. I F A Surfer
6. ベアーズ


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